Driving Academy in Odense

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Classes at Skibhusvej 123, Odense

In Denmark we teach you what you need to know about driving, while you take your driving license. The classes will be held at Skibhusvej in Odense, and you will be taught how to read the different signs on the Danish roads, and how to navigate when difficult situations occur on the roads. Our classes are held by a competent driving instructor who knows which situations might occur when driving. By having a driving instructor present, you are ensured to get any questions you might have answered. The driving instructor will also instruct you in some of the difficult situation special to Odense, that you might encounter. The classes are completed with a driving theory test.

You will have 29 classes of 45 minutes each. There are typically four classes in one night, and they are held once per week. The night your classes are held will always be the same weekday. I. e. are you having your first class on a Tuesday, all your classes will be on a Tuesday. It typically takes eight weeks to complete the classes.


The practical part

Besides driving on the Danish road, you will have two driving courses. One of them will be the first time that you will be driving. The course is held in a secured area where obstacles etc. are lined up. In this course you are taught how to control the car, including how to drive in reserve, park the car, and drive in between road cones. Besides this course, you will have another one at the end of your classes. In the second course you will be taught how navigate when the roads are tricky.  That includes testing your reaction, and how you navigate in wet road conditions. This course insures you that you are ready for all the difficult situations that might occur on the road. The courses are often held outside town, and therefore, we will have a car ready to drive all the students to the course. When you are taking a normal driving lesson, you and the other student will pick each other up and drive each other home. That way you can be picked up straight from school or work. Keep in mind, that if you live far outside Odense, it might be a good idea to be picked up closer to the city. That way w have more time to rehearse driving in the city and other important areas that must be rehearsed.

You will need at least 16 driving lessons plus 8 lesson total for the 2 driving courses (four lessons on each course).


Additional information

You will need a doctor’s note to get your driving license. Remember a photo on 35×45 mm. Please have it ready as quick as possible, in order for us to get it processed as quick as possible. Besides the doctor’s note, you will need a class in first aid. If you already have one, it must have been taken within 12 months. If not, you are able to have your class at Driving Academy. You can easily take the class before your driving lessons start. We have classes every fourth Saturday of the month in our facilities at Skibhusvej 138, 5000 Odense C.

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